Friday, March 6, 2009

Hang Tags with a Graphic, Victorian Flair!

If you have not noticed by now, I have been gradually making the switch over from doing early American style folk art to graphics and paper goods. The only time I usually craft folk art style items is around Christmas time when I switch over to my Belsnickels and my old world St. Nicholases. My newest items have all been hang tags and stickers,(I'll highlight the stickers a bit later), and they have been selling exceptionally well. I'm also going to be branching off into printing custom note cards and stationary


Anonymous said...

Anything you do is magical... That is for sure.... ever think of doing custom stationary??? Hint, Hint, Hint??? Love and Hugs and contact me about that okay sugar bear..... Love, MO

Anonymous said...

Mare Bear...having a giveaway, hop on over and enter... Hugs, MO

Anonymous said...

Hey, why am I the only one posting here... cause you are MIA working on your stuff?!! LOL Hey, the graphics look great! Hugs,MO

Mary said...

I would love to do more of that too, but I'm locked in with this printer and ink I have right now (Epson R380 and the claria inks), which are so, so expensive. The quality is exceptional, but I've yet to figure out how to cover the cost of the ink! LOL!

Wishing you great success with your wonderful designs!

Warm regards,


Anonymous said...

Ummm, girlfriend, do you have a different blog now? Am I missing something. Please enlighten me... LOL
Hugs, MO

Little Lovables said...

They look beautiful, I can def see why they are selling!