Friday, March 28, 2008

An 1860 Victorian ball gown for a Parian Fashion doll

Today, I listed this beautiful gown on Ebay. It was such fun to make and I sincerely hope it brings it's new owner plenty of joy!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is another custom doll gown that was created form 90% antique and vintage materials. The body of the dress is in a champagne colored silk and the sleeves were constructed using an old, cream color silk handkercheif. The laces are antique Victorian era laces from France. There are two chemical laces made of silk and the embroidered tulle over skirt is constructed of silk too. This gown was done in a late Edwardian style as per the customers preferences. This is the first bonnet I have made.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been TAGGED!

I have been tagged with the "YOU MAKE MY DAY" award from my sweet WSOAPP sister Lynnie! What an honor to know I have made someone's day;-) Thank you Lynnie; It's always great to get those warm fuzzies from my blog buddies; and you have effectively kicked my very lazy heiny into gear to GET TO BLOGGIN!

So now I'm passing this award on to "spread the love around" to another of my bloggin sisters; Pea!

The rules for this "YOU MAKE MY DAY" award are to present it to those whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and just make you feel happy about blogland. Let the person you tag know they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog or by email so they can in turn pass it on. Oh, but beware! You may just get tagged several times. If that happens, just know you are really loved!

I belong to Whispered Secrets Of A Primitive Past. We are a group of professional primitive and folk style artists who originally banded together on Ebay for the purposes of cooperative marketing. Many of us now have our own shops over on and those of us who have our own blogs, I am providing the links for them at the bottom of this blog page. And be sure to check out Scroll down to take a look: it is well worth your time to hop around on the blogs to view all of the talent from these artisans and crafters, even if you are not in the market to buy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to Oak Hollow Primitives!

Specializing in:

Reproductions of antique cross stitch samplers. Using heavy flour sack cloth, and sometimes authentic, antique linen, each of my samplers are done in the style of a young schoolgirl just learning her first stitches. I then age and distress them with my recipe of natural dyes which includes walnut, vanilla, cinnamon and coffee.

Reproduction chalk ware Belsnickle Santas. Each one of these pieces has been cast from authentic antique chocolate molds and then carefully crafted to resemble their Victorian antique counterparts.

Primitive, Americana style dolls: using heavy flour sack cloth, hand dyed woolens and carfully crafted doll clothing, my dolls are one hundred percent handmade and constructed to fit the whimsical, primitive, Americana style. Some of them are designed to look like antique reproductions of cloth dolls.

Pin keeps: crafted in various styles, ranging from ultra primitive to antique reproduction.

Clothing for antique dolls: Period Clothing crafted from vintage/antique materials for antique china head, Parian fashion, Jumeau and Bluette dolls. Custom orders welcome!