Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Swap gift from my buddy Rosanne of Ro's Cluttered Attic!

Imagine my surprise the other day when my post office carrier knocked on my door holding this giant box that, of course, would not fit in our mail box! I saw the return address label on it and knew my swap partner had sent it!

I ripped into the box, my 8 yr old gleefully assisting me, and it was Christmas in August!!! I have taken a photo of three of the items and posted them here. The main one is that amazing collage using antique music sheets and a vintage postcard element of Old St. Nick. I will hang it up in the Victorian room of my house next to our feather tree. I just love it!!! Ro expressed to me some trepidation at having gotten my name because she had never created anything Victorian before....but this was simply awesome...and I think she may have just discovered a new way of creating too;)

The next items in the box were the apple cinnamon candle that you see burning here and the handmade pin cushion with vintage fabrics. I have already started to use the pincushion....even if it is Christmas themed, I will use it year round to remind me 0f my favorite-iest time of year. There were two other items in the box that were not yet pictured here...they were a large bag of trailmix with plenty of my favorites; nuts, rasins and chocolates and there was a great package of Victorian tea themed paper plates and napkins. The trail mix did not make it to this photoshoot....ummmm perhaps because my son and husband and I have consumed most of it....but let me tell you; it was quite yummy!

Thanks Ro.....I LOVE these gifts and will cherish them forever. HUGS